Tips For Sufferers

Tips For Sufferers

Nutrition and Dry Eye Disease

So are you what you eat? Diet and lifestyle can have an affect on your dry eyes. Although its difficult to find hard fast evidence that certain foods cause dry eye, we do know that drinking lots of water and eating certain healthy foods can help improve a dry eye condition. That’s why there are so many companies with nutritional supplements for dry eye sufferers.

There is a lot of information available on the benefits of omega 3 oils – found in walnuts, tuna and salmon. Studies show that the American diet is deficient in these healthy foods, so eat some fish, drink a glass of water and consider other healthy changes to your diet for overall health and wellness. Its safe to say that the best way to treat any disease is to focus on health from the inside-out, and talk to an Accredited Dry Eye Center about nutritional supplements that may be right for you and your dry eye condition.

Hygiene and Dry Eye Disease

Eyelids can play a role in dry eye disease discomfort. The glands along the eyelids can get clogged or bogged down by bacteria, make-up residue and other debris. Keeping clean healthy eyelids can help ease dry eye discomfort. Here are a few tips for lid hygiene.

  • Warm Compresses: Soak a clean washcloth with hot water. Fold the washcloth into a roll and hold it in contact with both eyelids until the cloth cools. Reheat the cloth and repeat this procedure for at least five minutes.
  • Lid Washing: Following these warm compresses, lightly wash the eyelashes and eyelids with your eyes closed using a mild soap, such as baby shampoo, diluted in one capful of water. You can use either your finger or a soft washcloth.

Talk to your Accredited Dry Eye Center about other products for purchase to help keep eyelids clean and free of debris.

Drops, Ointments, and Steroids, OH MY!

The eye care section in your local pharmacy or grocery store presents you with a world of over-the-counter dry eye treatment options, but it’s also a confusing, overwhelming place. With so many drops and ointments to choose from, dry eye sufferers often leave their comfort up to chance and make a decision based on price. This very decision can lead you to therapies containing harsh preservatives and chemicals that will only worsen your condition.

An Accredited Dry Eye Center can help sift through the sea of options by making a recommendation for a product that’s right for you. Don’t let the eyecare shelf get you down. See an expert, and get a recommendation right away. You may have to try a few things with your doctor, as drops work differently from one dry eye to the next, but the Accredited Dry Eye Center will be there to guide you through the process.

For really sore eyes, a steroid drop may be needed for a short period of time, but those are prescription only. Be sure to consult with your Accredited Dry Eye Center before putting anything in your eyes!