Ease Dry Eye Symptoms with the Best Products of 2014

thera tears

If you’ve struggled with chronic or severe dry eyes at any point in your life, you already know that no single product or brand works best for every unique case of dry eye. This multifactorial, frustrating condition can make day to day activities like driving, reading and even watching television become difficult, uncomfortable tasks. Indeed, chronic dry eye disease may decrease quality of life for as many as 33 million Americans. So, we’ve decided to compile a list … [Read more...]

This Year’s Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Dry Eye Sufferers


We've conjured some of this year's best, most talked about products for dry eye sufferers. From artificial tears to make up, we've narrowed down some of the best stocking stuffers for the dry eye sufferer on your list: TranquilEyes with Beads Kit: Are you tired of waking up with red, painful eyes? Or maybe someone on your gift list is constantly complaining about eye dryness and sensitivity? Well, Tranquil Eyes Eye Hydrating Goggles & Beads kit could be the answer … [Read more...]