Deep Breathing May Help with Dry Eye Symptoms, Study Says

Women doing deep belly breathing

Could performing a particular breathing technique help dry eye sufferers produce more tears? New research published in Ocular Surface suggests that reduced tear secretion may be partly caused by an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system (made up of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems). The sympathetic system is responsible for regulating cardiovascular functions while the parasympathetic system controls the relaxation process. Twenty Japanese … [Read more...]

Are Contact Lenses Causing your Dry Eyes?


When a contact lens wearer is having problems with their eyes, the complaint is often: “my contacts make my eyes feel so dry!” The fact is, dry eye disease is widespread among contact lens wearers; and it’s true, contacts could be directly contributing to your dry eye issues. After all, dry eye symptoms are reported by 50 to 80 percent of people who wear contacts on a regular basis. [1] Studies have also indicated that the preservatives found in many lens cleaning … [Read more...]

Drinking Alcohol Worsens Dry Eye, Study Finds

Dry Eye and Alcohol

A recent study conducted by the Hallym University College of Medicine has confirmed that drinking alcohol can directly disturb the ocular surface.¹ The Korea-based study was comprised of twenty healthy males with no history of eye disease. Ten men served as subjects, while the others served as controls for the study. The subjects were instructed to drink 0.75 grams of alcohol (that’s about two beers) over a two hour period. A few hours later, alcohol was detected in … [Read more...]