Honey Drops: The Sweet Treatment for Dry Eye Symptoms?

Manuka honey

Widely discussed as a homeopathic treatment for everything from hangovers to acne to the common cold, manuka honey is now being looked at as a treatment for helping manage the relentless symptoms of Dry Eye Disease. Yes, you read correctly; the honey sitting in your kitchen cupboard has a multitude of impressive healing powers that you probably weren't aware of. In fact, the restorative properties of honey are so remarkable that researchers at the Queensland … [Read more...]

Could this Tiny, New Device be the Cure to Dry Eye Disease?

Lacrimal apparatus

If you’re reading this article, there’s an excellent chance that you already know a thing or two about dry eye disease and its causes. From hormone levels to rheumatoid arthritis to Sjogren’s Syndrome, there a number of things that cause dry eye disease and symptoms. However, for the time being, there remains only treatment for temporary relief of itchiness, burning and the like in the form of artificial tears and warm compresses, among other therapies. But could hope … [Read more...]