Ease Dry Eye Symptoms with the Best Products of 2014

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If you’ve struggled with chronic or severe dry eyes at any point in your life, you already know that no single product or brand works best for every unique case of dry eye. This multifactorial, frustrating condition can make day to day activities like driving, reading and even watching television become difficult, uncomfortable tasks. Indeed, chronic dry eye disease may decrease quality of life for as many as 33 million Americans. So, we’ve decided to compile a list … [Read more...]

Makeup Tips for Dry Eye Sufferers

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Just about anyone can experience ocular dryness from time to time. For some, the irritation is constant and chronic. For others, symptoms might flare up depending on season, diet and hormonal cycles. Either way, dry, sensitive eyes can make even the simplest daily tasks seem difficult. It’s a fact that women are more prone to dry eye disease than men. And let’s face it; most women apply eye makeup every day. So for women with dry eye disease, applying eye makeup can … [Read more...]

Eye Make-Up Tips for Looking Good and Seeing Great!

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Post by Susan Resnick, OD FAAOAs a female eyecare practitioner who fits contact lenses, wears contact lenses and applies eye make-up on a daily basis, I dispense advice and recommendations on these topics routinely, both in and out of the office. Here, I’d like to share some of my tried and true tips for the healthy application of cosmetics and contact lenses, whether you use them individually or together! Always keep your make-up tightly capped. Replace liquids … [Read more...]

The many dangers of Eye Makeup and Dry Eyes

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While wearing makeup when you have dry eyes is already a hassle (mascara blocking your tear ducts, eye shadow getting into your eyes and increasing the sandy sensation, constant rubbing that ruins those smokey eyes, the list goes on), there are various tips and tricks you can follow to make the makeup experience a little more bearable and you can read them all here. But before you decide to apply that mascara and dance the night away, you need to be informed of what are … [Read more...]

Dry Eyes & Makeup – tips for sufferers

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul. A good friend of mine who works as a makeup artist once told me “you can always add pretty and colorful curtains to make your windows look more inviting”. She was referring to makeup, of course. While wearing make-up is not a must and, to be honest, most ladies look equally beautiful without it, you cannot deny that there are certain occasions where applying some eye shadow and mascara does make you stand out a bit … [Read more...]