[VIDEO] Will LASIK cause Dry Eyes?

dry eye causes lasik post-op

We blogged about the risks and consequences of LASIK eye surgery on this post. Now we want to share with you a video with Andrew W. Taylor MD. FRCSC. DIP. A.B.O. from LasikProVision where he discusses the relationship betweek LASIK and Dry Eye. Dry Eye should be addressed pre and post operative. Dr. Taylor also mentions that patients resulting with long term issues of dry eye post-op already had dry eye prior to surgery and doctors need to point this out to … [Read more...]

LASIK Surgery and Dry Eyes?

lasik surgery, dry eye causes, dr. marguerite McDonald

If you do an online search on LASIK and dry eyes you are greeted by horror stories of how you should never have the procedure done and how all doctors are money-laundering machines who couldn’t care less about your eyes. Well these claims are made by real people online and so they must be right, no? Not quite. While there are (several) cases of LASIK surgeries gone wrong, not all procedures end in disaster. In fact, 95.4% of patients have rated their experience as … [Read more...]