Honey Drops: The Sweet Treatment for Dry Eye Symptoms?

Manuka honey

Widely discussed as a homeopathic treatment for everything from hangovers to acne to the common cold, manuka honey is now being looked at as a treatment for helping manage the relentless symptoms of Dry Eye Disease. Yes, you read correctly; the honey sitting in your kitchen cupboard has a multitude of impressive healing powers that you probably weren't aware of. In fact, the restorative properties of honey are so remarkable that researchers at the Queensland … [Read more...]

Eat your Way out of Dry Eye Disease: 6 Easy Recipes

baked kale chip

What if easing dry eye symptoms was as easy as eating more? Okay, fine- we won’t go that far; but you can help ease those pesky dry eye symptoms by including particular foods into your diet more frequently. In fact, a study in Cornea found that people with chronic dry eye who took GLA and Omega-3 experienced less inflammation and dry eye symptoms. Additionally, numerous other studies have concluded that zinc, potassium and vitamin A  (among other nutrients) could be … [Read more...]

Dry Eye Disease Linked to Air Pollution: Tips for City Dwellers


New York, Toronto, Beijing, Paris; how are they similar? Well, for starters they’re some of the largest, most recognized cities in the world- but what else do they have in common? Well, according to a recent study, their dwellers may be more likely to experience the itching, burning pain of dry eye disease. Research presented at the 117th annual American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting states that individuals in cities such as Chicago, LA and Miami were found to be … [Read more...]

Diagnosing Dry Eye with TearLab

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You wake up one morning and your eyes feel crusty and dry. You wash your face but the feeling of sand in your eyes continues throughout the day and it won’t go away- no matter how much you rub. What do you do? Odds are, you go to your Eye Care Professional and based on your symptoms (and older generation diagnostic techniques), the doctor will diagnose dry eye disease and send you home with some generic drops. What you might not know coming out of that appointment is … [Read more...]

Living with Sjogren’s Syndrome


In honor of dry eye disease awareness month, is pleased to introduce a featured guest. Barbara, who currently resides in Mercer County, NJ has had Sjogren’s Syndrome for a number of years. The disease has left her disabled and on a path of new challenges and discoveries. The following e-interview is a true sneak peak into the life of a Sjogren’s sufferer. From strange symptoms to diagnosis to future goals, Barbara was kind enough to share her … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Avoid Swimmer’s Dry Eye this Summer

Swimming girl

After a long, cold spring for many of us- summer is finally here! School is out and the humid weather makes trips to the lake and local pool inevitable. But before you dive in, remember to consider the safety and health of your eyes. If you are an avid swimmer or partake in water sports, then you’re undoubtedly exposed to the chlorine and saline used to treat the pool water (or the salt in the ocean). And while compounds like chlorine and salt are good for maintaining … [Read more...]

8 Common Medications that Cause Dry Eye Symptoms

Pharmaceutical Products

Most of us are aware that medications can have certain side effects such as dry mouth, fatigue and itchy skin, for example. But did you know that many medications can also cause visual issues like dry eyes and light sensitivity? On that note- could your medicine cabinet be harboring the primary cause of your dry eyes? Properly targeted prescriptions can be life-saving and crucial to quality of life; and when prescribed by a doctor, the majority of medications do more … [Read more...]

Dry Eyes? Are You Sleeping with Your Eyes Open?

sleeping with eyes open

Do you suspect that you sleep with your eyes partially open? Perhaps someone has even told you that your eyelids tend to open while you sleep. Seem odd? Well, it’s actually not uncommon for people to naturally sleep with one or both eyes partially open. Scientifically known as nocturnal lagophthalmos, when your eyelids do not fully close during rest, the ocular surface is overexposed to the open atmosphere. In fact, even a hairline gap between eyelids during sleep can … [Read more...]

Vitamin A for Dry Eyes

vitamin a dry eyes

Ah, vitamin A. Cancer fighter, bacteria killer and wrinkle inhibitor. This all important nutrient is well known for its undeniable ability to defend against viruses and enhance immunity. Thus, it should come as no surprise that vitamin A can also help relieve aqueous-deficient and evaporative dry eye symptoms. Getting enough vitamin A (aka retinol) in your diet is essential for good vision health. In fact, vitamin A deficiency can cause cell mutations to the cornea. … [Read more...]

Dry Eyes During Preganancy?

Pregnant woman with dry eyes

Pregnancy can cause some pretty extreme changes in women: stretch marks, morning sickness and odd cravings are a few that can be expected. However, few of us realize that pregnancy can have an effect on a woman’s vision. As a matter of fact, the very same hormones that are responsible for your first-trimester nausea and remarkable décolletage can also cause painful dry eye symptoms. The hormone fluctuations that the body experiences during pregnancy can adversely … [Read more...]