Waking up with Crusty, Glued Shut Eyes? Introducing BlephEx

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Imagine waking up each morning feeling like your eyes are on fire- and to top it off, your eye lids are literally glued shut! Terrifying, right? Well, for thousands of blepharitis sufferers across North America, this is a painful reality of everyday life. If you’re fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with the symptoms of blepharitis, you should know that the relentless eye lid condition often develops and occurs alongside dry eye disease. The chronic disease is caused by … [Read more...]

9 Tips for Relieving Crusty, Sticky Eyes

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Blepha-what? Blepharitis: an annoying and painful ailment that causes extreme irritation to the eyelids. The nasty condition we discussed in a recent post happens to be closely associated with dry eye disease. Blepharitis and dry eye disease are two conditions that are notoriously intertwined. As we mentioned previously, in blepharitis, (also sometimes known as meibomian gland dysfunction) glands become badly inflamed and pores become blocked. Since blepharitis … [Read more...]

Recognizing Dry Eye Syndrome in Children

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Has your child ever complained to you about his or her dry, itchy, painful eyes? Perhaps you notice your child is more susceptible to such complaints during a vacation to a dry location or on an airplane? Though it can be all too easy to administer some eye drops and call it a day, if your child is complaining of persistent itchiness or burning in his or her eyes, take it seriously. Pediatric dry eye syndrome is a rare, but serious and bothersome condition. Pediatric … [Read more...]