Eyes Watering During your Winter Jogs?


One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions in the Western world is, without a doubt, to be more fit & healthy overall. Whether it is biking to work more often, committing to running a 10 K race or losing 10 lbs by summer time, health related goals are extremely common in January. But during the cold days of winter, getting fully dressed and prepared to go outside for a run, bike or walk is a difficult enough idea to come to terms with on its own. Mix in the … [Read more...]

Dry Eye Disease Linked to Air Pollution: Tips for City Dwellers


New York, Toronto, Beijing, Paris; how are they similar? Well, for starters they’re some of the largest, most recognized cities in the world- but what else do they have in common? Well, according to a recent study, their dwellers may be more likely to experience the itching, burning pain of dry eye disease. Research presented at the 117th annual American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting states that individuals in cities such as Chicago, LA and Miami were found to be … [Read more...]

How Does the Aging Process Affect My Eyes?


When it comes to our bodies, we tend to associate aging with sagging skin, gray hair, and if we are lucky and we’ve taken good care of ourselves we’ll get there with our vital organs and bones intact. Rarely do we stop to think that our eyes age just as much as the rest of our body and that there are signs and symptoms that we should be looking out for to reduce the risk of developing eye complications. As we age, our eye exams should become more frequent. Your eye … [Read more...]

Dry, Sticky Eyes During Winter?: 8 Tips to Get Through It!

dry eyes in winter

Not unlike dry skin, many people experience dry eyes during the winter months. Often caused by the cold winds outdoors mixed with the dry heat inside, eyes dry out when their moisture evaporates too quickly. Our tear glands simply can’t produce enough fluid to maintain moisture in such conditions. Much of the time, eyes get so dry due to winter air that a ‘signal’ is sent to tear glands to secrete tears, resulting in reflex tears. Though it may sound like said “reflex” … [Read more...]

Makeup Tips for Dry Eye Sufferers

eye makeup and dry eye

Just about anyone can experience ocular dryness from time to time. For some, the irritation is constant and chronic. For others, symptoms might flare up depending on season, diet and hormonal cycles. Either way, dry, sensitive eyes can make even the simplest daily tasks seem difficult. It’s a fact that women are more prone to dry eye disease than men. And let’s face it; most women apply eye makeup every day. So for women with dry eye disease, applying eye makeup can … [Read more...]

Treatment Options for Dry Eye Disease

eye compress for dry eye

Your eyes depend on the flow of quality tears to give you a continuous layer of moisture to maintain comfort and clear vision. But what if you don’t have the quality, replenishing tears that many take for granted? When tears do not adequately lubricate the eye, some experience pain, sensitivity to light, grittiness, redness and even blurred vision. Finding effective relief from such symptoms can be challenging. And though you’ll need to visit an Accredited Dry Eye … [Read more...]

6 Exercises to Improve Dry Eye Disease


If you want strong arms, you have to lift weights occasionally, right? Well, if you want a strong, functioning set of peepers, you need to blink often and practice eye exercises to strengthen your vision and ward off dry eye symptoms. Try our eye exercises to strengthen your eyes naturally! I know, I know, you heard the word exercise and instantly panicked. Calm down couch potatoes. It’s not difficult to exercise your eyes and it doesn’t require a mere tenth of the … [Read more...]

Should Dry Eye Sufferers Undergo Eye Lift Surgery?


Going under the knife is never the most comfortable of affairs. However, modern society has us fearing the concept of aging naturally so much that many are tirelessly trying to deter the process. Desires to meet the media’s idealism and the struggle to find the youth fountain are concepts often so consuming, people will stop at nothing. Such an endeavor can include undergoing blepharoplasty. Commonly known as an eye lift, the optional surgery is performed merely to … [Read more...]

Eye Make-Up Tips for Looking Good and Seeing Great!

makeup tips for healthy eyes

Post by Susan Resnick, OD FAAOAs a female eyecare practitioner who fits contact lenses, wears contact lenses and applies eye make-up on a daily basis, I dispense advice and recommendations on these topics routinely, both in and out of the office. Here, I’d like to share some of my tried and true tips for the healthy application of cosmetics and contact lenses, whether you use them individually or together! Always keep your make-up tightly capped. Replace liquids … [Read more...]

It’s getting sunny; protect your eyes from UV damage!

sunglasses and cap can protect your dry eyes

When people say “protect yourself from ultraviolet (UV) radiation” they usually mean your skin. We buy sunblock to prevent sunburn and skin cancer and most of the times we forget that UV radiation can also damage our eyes. UVA rays, in particular, can pass through the cornea reaching the lens and retina inside your eyes. When your eyes suffer sunburn it is called photokeratitis or ultraviolet keratitis and it can lead to vision loss for a couple of days. It is not … [Read more...]