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New Dry Eye Treament: Cord Blood Serum Eye Drops

Think you’ve heard (and tried) it all when it comes to treatment for dry eye disease? Think again. A recent study was conducted to test the effectiveness of umbilical cord blood serum (that’s right, umbilical cord blood serum) as a treatment for chronic dry eye disease.

The study was comprised of 55 eyes of 31 severe dry eye sufferers. The subjects were treated with the cord blood serum drops a few times a day, over the course of a few months. Tests were completed after the first and second month of treatment by means of a TBUT(tear break-up time) score, Schirmer test, corneal sensitivity test and corneal fluorecein staining.

Two months after treatment began, significant improvements were observed in the subjects. These results suggest that the serum extracted from pure samples of cord blood is loaded with healing substances that the cornea can utilize. Umbilical cord blood does, in fact, contain many growth factors and properties that are beneficial to the eyes, including:

Epidermal Growth Factor: a protein that catalyzes the healing process and stimulates cell growth.

Vitamin A: A nutrient that is helpful in treating dry eye symptoms 1

Transforming Growth Factor Beta: TGF-beta is a protein that controls proliferation, cellular differentiation and other functions in most cells. 1

So, how did the serum fare overall? Researchers concluded that cord blood contains essential tear components and that eye drops with cord blood serum are quite effective- and safe- for the treatment of severe dry eye disease. 1

What do you think about this new method for treating dry eyes? Would you try cord blood serum eye drops?


  1. This is really interesting. Anyone here on this forum try this?

    • Hi Pacman! Yes, it’s definitely interesting (to say the least!) It’s not something I’ve tried.. But I think I definitely would! What about you? Would you give cord serum eye drops a try?

  2. I am ready to try this! Tried the Prose lenses today and they were very uncomfortable! I need help!

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