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6 Exercises to Improve Dry Eye Disease

If you want strong arms, you have to lift weights occasionally, right? Well, if you want a strong, functioning set of peepers, you need to blink often and practice eye exercises to strengthen your vision and ward off dry eye symptoms. Try our eye exercises to strengthen your eyes naturally!

I know, I know, you heard the word exercise and instantly panicked. Calm down couch potatoes. It’s not difficult to exercise your eyes and it doesn’t require a mere tenth of the motivation that most workouts do. In fact, you don’t even have to get up out of your La-Z-Boy to train your eyeballs. The idea of eye exercise is to get used to utilizing their full range of motion and increase circulation. A few minutes of daily eye yoga, as some are calling it, will help calm your tired eyes, stimulate your tear ducts and potentially prevent further damage. Without further adieu, relax and try out the following routine:

  • Let’s warm up quickly with a focus change exercise. Hold one finger two inches away from your eyes. Focus on that finger as you move it away from your face slowly. Now, focus far into the distance for a few seconds and then back to the finger. Slowly bring the finger back to within 2 inches of the eye. Finish by staring at something in the distance for a few seconds. Don’t cheat, like any exercise, you should do three reps for optimal results.
  • Next, raise the eyes upward diagonally to the right. Then, stretch them diagonally downward to the left. Continue this motion back and forth ten times or more- depending on your experience with eye exercising.
  • Tired? So yawn! Yawning produces tears, naturally. As you yawn, you squeeze the lacrimal ducts in the eyes, inducing moisture. Try yawning a few times when your eyes are feeling particularly dry. Easy enough, right?
  • Alright, troops drop down and give us 20! Eye pushups are a great way to activate your tear ducts and relieve dry, strained eyes. Start by staring at a far away object for about 20 seconds. Then, gaze at something much nearer to you for 20 seconds. Go back and forth with this for at least 5 minutes.
  • Remember to close your eyes or squeeze them shut occasionally when you do not need to see. For example, squeeze your eyes shut tightly for 5 seconds while you’re chatting on the phone, or sitting on the bus. Start with 10 reps!

However, it is important not to overdo it! Like with any muscle, your eyes need time to rest and heal. It’s best to start with less and work your way towards doing more sets as you become experienced. Doing any of these exercises for too long (particularly in the beginning), can put serious strain on inexperienced peepers. Talk about counterproductive!

Finally, we know it can take a lot longer than a few weeks to work off that extra, er, ten pounds, but good news! Many diligent eye exercisers observe improvements in as soon as two weeks! That’s right, you may notice promising results in your vision and eye comfort in just two weeks! Nevertheless, everyone is a little different, so give yourself some time to reap the benefits of eye exercise. Stick with it and try to incorporate a few of these eye exercises into your daily routine! And whatever you do? Don’t “pull a Seemore”.. : 






















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See your eye doctor for more information on which eye exercises are right for you.

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    puting saliva in the eyes is the best effective and instant solution for dry about it..

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