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Dry, sticky, Crusty Eyelids in the Morning?

rubbing dry eyesWaking up with crusty eyelids is often because of a condition known as blepharitis. Bacteria that got into our eyes causes red or white swollen bumps on or in your eyelid, often accompanied by pain, itchiness,  dryness, and redness. Another easy sign of bacteria presents itself as scaly, crusty stuff in between eyelashes and this might be the first thing you notice when you wake up in the morning[1].

Blepharitis is fairly common and most of the times symptoms are so mild you may not notice them. It is important that you treat blepharitis in order to prevent it from complicating other diseases such as dry eye. Make sure you maintain proper hygiene around the infected area, do lid scrubs and warm compresses at least twice a day.

If left untreated, or if the infection is strong, blepharitis can cause or increase dry eye symptoms. The bacteria can interfere with the production of oil by the meibomian glands; as a consequence the rapid evaporation of the tear film will exacerbate the dry, sandy sensation that is so common with dry eye sufferers.

Causes of blepharitis include poor hygiene, dirty contact lenses, expired or contaminated cosmetics, prolonged makeup wear, touching your eyes with dirty hands.

If your symptoms don’t go away, make sure you visit your eye doctor!



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