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The latest treatment for Dry Eye Symptoms: Caffeine?

Do you like sipping on a hot cup of joe to get the morning started? Good news for all you coffee drinkers! Researchers at the University of Tokyo’s School of Medicine have published a study that they say provides evidence that caffeine intake can significantly increase tear production. This study comes after the team read an earlier study indicating that caffeine users showed a reduced risk for dry eye.

Caffeine has been known to increase other secretions; such as saliva and digestive juices, and so it is also believed to help stimulate tear glands. Other benefits of caffeine intake include: a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. It has also been related to fewer cases of certain cancers, hearth rhythm problems, and strokes[1]. However, more evidence is needed in order to prove that caffeine can actually prevent these conditions.



Are you a coffee drinker? Have you noticed any benefits for your dry eyes?

caffeine and dry eye



  1. Yes it does. I’ve had dry eyes for a year but when I regularly drink coffee at work i a, able to work on the computer nearly all day. Going a few days without coffee I can notice a big difference making it through the day.

    • Thank you for your comment David. Let’s hope these findings help researchers utilize caffeine in such a way that it’ll stimulate our tear glands in a more targeted, efficient way. Until then, enjoy your coffee! I’m going to pour myself a hot cup right now :)

  2. Alesa Grant says:

    What??? I’ve always been told to avoid caffeine for dry eye, as it’s a diuretic that drains moisture from the body. I drink coffee but do not in any way think it helps my dry eyes. Long story, but I’m at the end of my rope. I’m getting scleral lenses at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute.

    • Hi Alesa,
      For the longest time, caffeine was believed to be a diuretic and so they tell you to avoid it after drinking alcohol, for example, as your body needs to rehydrate. This latest research still needs more conclusive proof but as we mentioned in our post, there is something in the components of caffeine that might help our glands produce more tears, and it may not be by hydrating our bodies.
      As a coffee drinker myself, I’m crossing fingers!

  3. I thought caffeine are for treating eyebags and Essential Fatty Acids are for Dry eyes. this is new knowledge for me.

  4. Ahhhh great news, i work on computers all day long and enjoy coffee to keep me running. Great information.

    thanks, Will

  5. This news wiil be relief for millions of dry eye sufferers and coffee drinkers.


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